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California Transcribing Services

Offering medical, legal, general transcription, communication consulting, and much more! Call 559-224-2625!

Transcription Resource has been serving California as professional transcriptionists with over 50 years combined transcribing experience. Our team offers transcription of medical, legal, general, court records, interrogations, investigations, restraining order, communication consulting-speech, proofreading and more!


Medical, legal and general documents for:

  • Medical Offices (all medical reports & letters)
  • Attorneys (consultations, investigations, interrogations)
  • Insurance Offices (consultations, investigations, interrogations)
  • Private Investigations (surveillance reports, interrogations)
  • Law Enforcement Agencies (911 recordings, interrogations, video reports, surveillance reports)
  • Superior Courts (includes certification for court and court records)
  • Miscellaneous (recordings of court actions, obtaining restraining orders, other court filings)
  • State Agencies (investigative/interrogation reports, administrative reports, consultations, meeting minutes, and notes.)
  • City & County Agencies (Interrogations/investigative reports, administrative reports, minutes, and notes.)
  • Informal Reports, Records, Keepsakes, Bylaws, proofreading, and more
  • Manuscripts, Handbooks, Manuals, Novels, and Theses

Typing and Transcribing

Transcribing and Proofreading

Transcription Resource offers experienced, professional transcription services with the accuracy and speed you need. We are committed to making sure every customer is completely satisfied. We offer high-quality proofreading service for all documents and have experience proofreading student papers to business documents.

Communication Consulting

At Transcription Resource we also specialize in communication consulting including speech clarity, grammar correction, and presenting your voice. Our language specialists will help connect you with your people. We serve the entire state of California.

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Service Areas Include: Entire State of California