Your Questions, Our Answers & 411 For You

1. How much will my project cost to transcribe without providing us any information?

A. It is impossible to answer without first getting facts about your project needs.

2. Why do we ask how long is your project?

A. It’s a gauge as to how long it will take to complete your project and return to you. A recording of 30 or 60 minutes takes much longer than 30 or 60 minutes to transcribe, proofread, print (if necessary) and prepare to return to you.

3. What languages do we transcribe?

A. We transcribe English only, but we can provide referral services for other languages.

4. Why does it make a difference where my project was recorded?

A. Location of recording manipulates sound quality, length of transcription time, and error management. Sound needs to “bounce” off objects such as furniture, walls, curtains/drapes and other items in a room. Avoid recording in an empty room (canyon and/or echo sounds prevail), restaurants with wood or concrete floors (voices get lost in the noise), restrooms (obvious reasons), parks or anywhere outdoors (sound is lost in the open air) or any crowded spaces (recordings pick up surrounding noises and your recordings result in lower sound quality). Background sounds are always recorded loudest. Recording issues cause longer transcription times and delays.

5. How many people are speaking?

A. Generally, people tend to speak over each other rather than wait for an opportunity to speak and be heard clearly. Words and meaning can get lost in “double-speak” making accuracy a serious issue. The number of people speaking increases the length and the amount of a transcribed project because each person has to be transcribed separately, line by line.

6. Can you transcribe from my iPhone, iPad, notebook, tablet, home phone, recorder, over the telephone?

A. Your project has to be copied to a flash drive, DVD, CD, e-mailed, old fashion micro or standard cassette tape for us to complete your transcription request.

411: When you need a project completed, please work with us:

  1. Allow at least one business week (5 days) for project completion. (Appropriate completion date will be given at the start of a project.)
  2. Accuracy and quality are our top priorities.
  3. There are always other people requesting your same timeframe. We want to accommodate you all when possible.
  4. We have a saying, “garbage in/garbage out”. We cannot provide you an accurate transcript if we cannot comprehend what was recorded. Help us help you by providing an audio that can be clearly heard and understood.

Thank you and keep those requests coming!

Service Areas Include: Entire State of California